Hi, we are Jenn & Dean, a Canadian couple from Windsor, Ontario who are passionate about 3 things; Food, Wine and Travel. We decided to start this blog to share our stories, ideas, reviews and experiences with each of these passions.

We love to create and eat fabulous food. We hope to share some of our favourite home recipes with our readers. Dean has recently taken up photography and we hope the photos of our recipes will inspire others to recreate these for their own enjoyment.

You may notice a recurring theme in many of our travel stories, wine. We enjoy travelling to many of the world’s wine regions and learning about all of the diverse terroir, varietals and appellations that abound. We share stories of these travels here and hope you enjoy learning about some of the world’s best boutique wineries.


When it comes to travel, our hope is that others will benefit from all of the research that we put into our travels. We get almost as much pleasure from researching our destinations as we do while we are visiting. We like to think that we may help someone decide how to spend that weekend city escape to San Fransisco, help make travelling abroad with teens easier or help them find a fantastic food tour in Barcelona.

When we were growing up our idea of travel was backseat transportation around Ontario. For both of us the opportunity to travel came later in life, we each got a marriage or two out of the way 😉 worked on succeeding in our careers and raising our children. We both regretted not being able to travel earlier in life and looked at others that had with envy. When we met, fittingly while on a trip to Chicago, we finally found in each other someone who would be able and willing to make travel a priority.

Travel is now a common passion that has played an important role in our lives. We’ve made it a priority and we’ve become “that couple”. The couple who always seems to be going somewhere, eating somewhere fabulous or collecting a coveted bottle of wine.

No, we are not fabulously wealthy and able to just jump on a plane and go wherever, whenever so we need to be creative. We both have demanding careers. We have 4 children. But we find the time, whether it be a work trip extended for personal time, a family vacation, a fabulous European tour or a quick weekend city getaway, we find the time to experience all that life has to offer.

We travel for the hidden gems, the over the top experiences, the jaw dropping moments, being awestruck and or just feeling like an insider. No, we don’t travel for weather or sandy beaches to be laid upon while tossing back sugary drinks adorned with little umbrellas. We travel for food, wine and knowledge. We want to come away from these trips with stories to tell, not just a sunburn and sand in our shorts. We are an indulgent pair and thus, the name of our blog. Welcome to GadaboutFoodie.com

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